MiO (Coffee Maker)

  • MiO

    Form Follows Function.

    Normally, coffee makers in the market have a long  proportion back and forth. Functionally, it seems inefficient. 
    I recommend a coffee maker that has vertical structure, which have a form that follow functions.

  • Mix well Design

    'Mix well' means it does not stick out from surroundings. Especially, coffee maker is located stationery and it also works as an artwork in the space. These products should go well with surroundings. Objets normally go well with everything. 
    I referred to a lot of objets to find idealized form, detail, color and shape.

  • 5 Part

    5 parts in MiO work intimately while making coffee. Upper part of the  product is a coffee tank. Underneath it, there is a coffee bottle and a warmer plate in order. The thing above the controller is water reservoir. Lastly, the pillar at the back side of the coffee maker is a passage for water. Water is supplied down to up from water reservoir through passage.

  • Water Level Alarm

    Water reservoir(at the bottom part) and water bottle(at the middle part)  have LED light inside, 
    which let you know how much is remaining.