Strokes, Shapes & Light.

  • Strokes, Shapes & Light
    Master’s thesis in Calligraphy, National Academy of Art Sofia
    The project is a spatial design study of basic calligraphy techniques, interpreted by paper craft models. Each paper model is based on the trace, pressure and gesture of writing with a particular calligraphic tool. This way the paper becomes a medium for writing and the movement becomes a spatial object.
    The result is a series of photographs combining interesting mixtures of structures, volumes and light.

  • Broad nib
    The broad nib is a calligraphy tool, that's rigid and has a flat edge. This characteristics give us stability while writing. When we change the pressure the amount of ink decreases or increases. Based on this variation in the strokes the paper model is created on different levels.

  • Round brush
    Pressure is key. It not only controls the amount of ink, but it determines the trace of writing as the smallest change of the hand affects the thickness and density of the line. The paper model for this technique is created with strips that bend and twist, like the smooth strokes of the brush.

  • Flat brush
    The flat brush can gives us some really interesting textures. The paper model follows the same principle as the one for the round brush calligraphy. Here the twisted strips are cut through, recreating the structure and arrangement of the hairs of the brush.

  • Ruling pen
    Ruling pen is a fine drawing tool that can create expressive and dynamic calligraphy strokes. The paper cut-outs of the strokes, in the model, are positioned in different angles on the surface, creating a playful and dynamic volume.

  • Cola pen
    Typical for this calligraphy tool is its unpredictability and high expression. The pen is made of a soft sheet metal (for example, a can). When writing with it, the nib scratches the surface of the paper and the result is different splashes and distortions of the stroke. To match the expressiveness of the tool, the paper model is not created by cutting the paper, but simply by tearing it in different shapes. 

  • Awards
    2018 Typography Competition by Communication Arts

    Photography - Georgi Stoilov
    Instructors- Prof. Dr. Christina Borissova / Kossyo Kokalanov