LUSH - Liquid Design


    This is a conceptual Design approach for a new brand called LUSH. Lush sells a large range of natural, handmade bath and body products.
    With my design i want to create a clear brand concept that can work well with a large range of products and product looks.
    For this I have split LUSH into 3 categories. Each of those ideal for a different range of costumer. 

    Two of the categories can be mixed together as shown for:

    Unicorn Horn

    Which is mainly CREATION with a touch of SERENE.

    Art Direction, Branding and Packaging by: 

    Tom Jueris



  • The Concept / Idea behind the whole project is to create a new way of design thinking. 

    We all know what a Static / Dynamic Design is and how it works. With this project i started to go deeper into their understanding and created a mix of both by going to the limits of possible Branding.

    How far can we minimize the brand? 
    How chaotic can we go with a brand image?

    How do we combine that knowledge?

    Do we need a logo to recognise a brand?

    Liquid Design

    We have a few points that will always stay. We can change their appearance, change their colour and form.
    Whatever happens around it doesn't matter at all. 

  • Organic, fresh and soothing. For the tropical well-being. Based on the Original Brand.

  • 2

  • A fun, playful and happy product. For the inner child in you.

  • 3

  • Calm, peaceful and untroubled. For the touch of heaven. Wellness products that use expensive ingredients.

  • _

    Art Direction: Tom Jueris

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