Doll-Lamp. Moonlight doll-RABI, IDEA Product Process.

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    Moonlight doll RABI.
    Product design | Conceptual design

    What if a Fabric doll in a corner of the house welcomes me with the light?

    The dolls contain someone's love and are the guardians who protect me from the horrible elements such as the dark night.
    This kind of dolls are loved by all ages, from children to adults, but when they become out of fashion or get tired, they are abandoned by their owners.
    'Moonlight doll' is a project that makes you think about the meaning of doll again.
    The moonlight doll that added lighting to the doll is a doll lighting idea to protect the loved one.

  • Material : Velboa-fabric, Polyester,  LED Lamp
    Weight : 1kg
    Products Size : 300X200X400(mm) / 200X150X300(mm)
    Light : LED DC 12V / AC 220V, 5700K Warm White

    ※Handmade Products
    designed by AMONG DESIGN
    made in Korea.


  • Making process

    By adding LED to the doll and making it different from the existing product, it provides a soft touch of doll and warm lighting. 



  • designed by team AMONG
    designer _  Jung.Hoi  /  henry.Jeong

    Preparing for release. 
    C. AMONG DESIGN. All rights reserved.


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