Foreigner project

  • Føreïgñer is a project born to rebrand foreigners as positive and aspirational figures.
    Føreïgñer is an online magazine with interviews to inspirational foreigners from all over the world, a soon-to-open online shop with t-shirts that you can wear with pride, and, in the future, additional initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.

    As a branding designer, this is an experiment to see how far branding can go to change public perception and to shift a topic from political to a-political, hence the choice of having a minimalistic, black and white identity.

  • The photoshoot to introduce our t-shirts.

  • Some of the portraits I shot for the interviews.

  • The mobile version of the website.

  • To preorder our t-shirts register here.

    To suggest interesting foreigners for our future interviews send us an email at​​​​​​​