• The aim of this project was to find a personal way to communicate a specific type of architecture.
    As I am a huge fan of Netherlands, I decided to work on the housing developed in Vinex spaces. 
    Vinex is a town-planning policy created at the end of the 80's in order to build new living areas fastly.
    Unlike other countries Netherlands tend to build single houses instead of block of flats. 
  • For the development I rapidly became fascinated by the way streets and houses are built in Netherlands.
    I spent hours looking at google maps and streetview because everything from above as well as from the street is so well constructed.
  • The main inspiration for this project was the amazing book "Vinex Atlas" designed by Joost Grootens
    The text in my edition actually comes from it.
  • In addition I create a small colour chart which represents a mix of colours of brick as well as flower.
  • This is an écal project realised in second year of bachelor program.