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    Public Drone Safety Escort Service

    “DNDN” is a public safety escort service that uses drones to help women arrive home safe and sound at night. The project aimed at making the city safe and comfortable for women even during the night. The drones comfort the users by detecting danger using 360-degree cameras while following them and offering appropriate actions to get out of the situation. We also expect to reduce the crime rate by provoking a sense of alert to the attackers and suppressing their criminal intent.

    Drone designed by Minkyo Im & Jaehyuk Im    I    2016


    Crimes against women show an increasing rate. As crimes against women increase, women experience psychological threat when walking home late at night.

    Women who return home at late hours. “ I hope I don’t need to be wary of everything when I walk on late night streets”

    Frightening environment and lack of sufficient security. CCTV’s have blind spots and it is difficult for the pedestrians to notice where they are installed. Women often feel vulnerable in situations where they have to walk home alone in the dark without a firm means of protection.

    Using drones as public security. Gives a sense of protection to the user by providing real-time videos and updates to the guardian connected through the application; one-to-one patrol resolves the problem of blind spots and makes it easier for users to protect themselves. 


    1. Users can check the surrounding and danger signs through the video filmed by the drone. Users can learn the distance between the danger and themselves.

    2. The adjacency of the drone shows that the user is under protection and therefore provokes a sense of alert and suppress the cirme intent of the attacker. The drone comes down to 2.5m height and turns on red light.

    3. The current location is reported to the police and the videos are sent to aid the investigation. The drone sets off the alarm and the warning light blinks. The application informs the guardian of the  situation on a real-time basis.

  • ▲ Idea sketch & motive search

  • ▲ Sketch variation & Rough modeling

  • ▲ Prototyping (3D printing)

  • ▲ Design and Drawing / Design Orientation​​​​​​​

  • Samsung Design Membership exhibition

    Membership Convergence Project 2016 / Samsung Seoul R&D center

  • DNDN Project team 

    Industrial designer - Minkyo Im, Jaehyuk Im
    Visual designer - Sunhye Lee, Sungjin Kim, Nakyeong Lee
    UX designer - Sangjin Han, Jongeun Han, Seohui Lee

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