Panic Island - Card game development

  • Panic Island is a french card game created by Antonin Boccara and developed by Old Chap games creators of other successful franchises like  Gobbit.

    Panic island is a memory card game, crazy funny: with only two minutes in your sand timer, you have to save as much characters (cavemen and  dodos), as you can and escape the island before the volcano explodes! But beware! There are a lot of hidden traps and dead ends .

     I had the chance to make the visual development of the game: character design, enviroments, logo and Illustrations. Hope you enjoy the madness of this game and my artwork! Cheers!
    Enjoy the madness HERE!
    All the artworks are property of Old Chap Games
  • The characters of the game are exeptional, there are  three tribes made of crazy Cavemen and silly dodos with their unique features, colors and simbols: 
  • Sketches
  • The inicial idea was to make cavemen of all ages, the dodos remain genderless instead
  • Event cards are bassicly natural disasters that consume the prescious time in the game! Every event has his own effect : be silent, cover one eye, spin, or take out a piece of clothing, they all are super fun!

  • For the card back design I made some designs, at the end we got the totem of the island 
  • Scketches
  • The process