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  • Lifestyle Brand - AMONG Brand eXperience Design.

    AMONG is a designer brand that presents precious memories that can be remembered as a 'a starry moment' in ordinary everyday life. 
    We will reinterpret the image of Korea according to the attitude and mood of modern people. 
    We have added luxury and graceful to daily lifestyle items.

    It is expressed in various elements such as product, graphic, etc., which will be memorized as ‘a Starry moment’ that is inspired by daily life.

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  • Photography / Brand Product - scarf
  • designed by AMONG DESIGN

    This is a scarf made by reinterpreting Dong-jeong and Collars, the unique features of Hanbok(Korean traditional costume). We used the technique of flat pattern making. 
    You can wear it around your neck and adjust it in the same way you do with Hanbok. 
    ​It is suitable for a gift of appreciation to an important person.

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    designer @ Jungho lee / henry Jeong
    all photo by AMONG @ Jung.hoi

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