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    Sumber Waras TCM
    Sumber Waras is traditional chinese medicine shop in Indonesia. Drug treatment system using traditional ingredients and formulated from herbs that are taken directly from China. Sumber Waras build from the time of the 19th century
    Concept Branding & Visual Identity in brand sources Sane is inspired by the time stamp china dynasty Ming, and using ginseng as a symbol of health, strength. And ginseng also known as plant capable of generating stamina.
    The impression we want presented in branding Traditional Chinese Medicine is more toward the modern with the classic concept of merging china. The use of ornamental china asia adds branding concept in the presentation Sumber Waras
    Published : 2012
    Client : Sumber Waras
    Location : Indonesia
    Discipline : Logo Design, Brand + Identity, Print & Graphic, Website Design