New Battlefield for Sexism

    In France, feminism has grown as an official value ; women's rights are defended by a ministry and several recent laws have tried to rectifiy inequalities between men and women. Therefore, the new war against feminism has found its battlefield : social media. Twitter, YouTube, gamers forums have become lands for trolls and haters. 
    Rape threats, nude photos leaked, revenge porn, insults : the consequences of these virtual assaults are very real. Several prominent feminists and Youtube figures have left social media, exhausted by the constant and vicious attacks. The lack of proper moderation by the main social media encourages this phenomenon. The grim reality : Internet has become a dark and unsafe place for women (especially Afrofeminists) who want to defend their rights.
  • Media : Prisma Media
    Magazine : NEON magazine (Frence)
    Author : Pauline Grand d'Esnon
    Graphic designer of NEON magazine : Jules Serac 

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