RECON by Parrot

  • Scenario's investigation,
  • We explored several scenarios attached to the rescue domain. We did a deep analyse of all scenarios and tried to understand the process of those professional into their rescue domains.

  • In Situ,
  • We had the chance to be in contact with the SNSM of Calais and we had the opportunity to do a short immersion aboard their rescue boat. The interesting point about the immersion is to better understand their environment, the process and the part of each members of this rescuer team.

  • Scenario ,
  • In the middle of the sea, two friends are on the boat. The weather is more and more complicated and dangerous. Suddenly, the mast is hurting one of them and he fell into the water. His friend tries to change the boat's direction to help him, but he didn’t know anything about sailing. The boat was already far away from the missing.

    The man directly calls the coast guard and the crew runs to the base to start the mission. The team is ready in less than 15 minutes. The boat arrived at the last position of the missing, but the current takesthe victim far away from this place. That's why they need to start the research and they have to reach him quickly. They launch the both drone to get more chance to find him.

    The drones start their mission, at this moment they are driverless.One of them find something in the water. It’s alert directly the operator of the SNSM and he gets the video feedback and keep the control of the drone thanks to the manual mode. It has been just a fuel tank. The operator gives the order to the drones to continue their mission. Suddenly, one of them arrives on someone. and the operator clearly identifies a body into the sea. 

    The operator decides to drop the lifebuoy, it’s a capsule, which open automatically in contact with the water. The victim can access to the lifebuoy, thanks to it, she is secured and clearly identify with the crew and once they received the GPS position the rescuers are on track to reach her. 

    After the operation, the drone come back to its base. The rescuers can give him the first care and they can go back to the harbour, the mission is done with success.

  • Recon,

  • Recon is a drone dedicated to different safety field and here it's apply on the CoastGuard domain. Recon is more than a product this is a business strategy. Imagined to be a new branch of the Parrot's Brand more focused on professional fields. The main goal is to think the drone's technology as the follow up of the human body, to be well integrated into the rescuers process.

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