Disney LOL// MiMiS micro content

  • I was very excited to get invited to create micro content for Disney LOL app. I created original GIF meme character, MiMiS. They are comically unidimensional characters that can be mashed-up with various content to accentuate specific emotions and reactions.

    Disney Creative Director: Vincent P. Aricco 
    Creative Direction: Fuzzy Wobble and Sylvia Boomer Yang
    Producers:David Krenz and Jaycen Armstrong
    Art Direction & Illustration: Sylvia Boomer Yang
    Animation: Sylvia Boomer Yang

  • Romance, kissing, and hand holding causes Mel's cheese to melt.
  • Curly appears calm and relaxed, but always gets scared by the action that unfolds in front of him.
  • Coco brings the buttery cool with him to every scene.
  • Sharon zaps her fail magic into every scene. 

  • •ᴥ• Thank you for watching •ᴥ•​​​​​​​

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