BRAUN Dehumidifier _ Afresh ˚c

  • Bathroom environmental care

    Minimizing the unpleasantness of users in the bathroom due to odor, humidity and temperature 
    through thermal care inside the bathroom.

    Devices and smart systems.

  • Afresh˚c

    Theme  :  Air Solution / Bathroom / Livingroom
    Section :  Product Design / Dehumidifier 
    Designed by chang ho Lee


    The toilet that was hidden in the past will be transformed into a central space of life that can be designed beautifully and enrich human life in the 
    future. It is not only a place to solve hygiene and physiological problems
    Various functions will be added to accommodate the demands of residential living and users.


    Afresh˚c is a device and smart system that minimizes the user's unpleasant feeling due to odor, humidity and temperature in the bathroom through 
    temperature care inside the bathroom. Afresh˚c allows you to be more hygienic
    You can use the bathroom comfortably.

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    The device is designed to be easy to operate in a simple touch format.

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    Afresh˚c exclusive app is used to control the environment before using the bathroom.
    You can use the bathroom in the best environment by increasing the temperature of the bathroom before the winter shower or by lowering the 
    temperature before seeing the toilet in the summer.

    It can be customized bathroom for each individual through history function that memorizes and adjusts user's usage patterns and preferred 
    temperature and humidity.

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    Package Design

    Fabricated the package by applying BRAUN identity. The package design is designed to make afresh even more prominent.

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    Color variation

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    Value in many places.

    The utilization of the product can be increased in the living room. Therefore, it will create a new experience not only 
    in the bathroom but also in the whole house.

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    point color use

    You can also switch the quartiles by creating various colors.

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    Intrinsic value

    Allows users to remove the unpleasant odors, odors, and tingling they have before entering the bathroom, and allows the user to set the 
    temperature in the bathroom via the mobile before entering the bathroom.

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    Personal project for All rights reserved

  • Designed by Changho Lee