Soft Design Identity

  • Soft Design Ltd. is a company that provides integrated IT solutions and designs customized digital environments that apply precisely to the needs of their customers. The extensive use of the binary system in the digital era combined with the flexibility and customization of the services provided by the company led to a logo design based on the combination of 0 and 1 digits. Subsequently, we designed the business cards attempting to highlight and reinforce the modern, innovative and cutting edge profile of the company. Therefore, in order to emphasize the concepts of speed and glossiness associated with advanced technologies, we used a very special paper with smooth texture and intense blue color which combined with the dark blue foil print carries a futuristic feel to anyone who holds them.

    Art Direction & Design: Makrina Oikonomidou & Artemis Sierra © 2016, Client: Soft Design Ltd.
    Business cards production: SimperPapers: Perrakis Papers/Cosmic Blue, Photos: Elena Arkoumani