• Salecity Branding & Identity

    Salecity is a young online store based in Ireland, that operates on a variety of platforms 
    such as e-bay and Amazon. The store specializes in sales of console games, 
    accessories and other electronics, but hopes to expand it's market in the near future. 

    Majority of the sales are made on e-bay, where the competition with other sellers is high. 
    Salecity seeks to develop a clean and vibrant identity to stand out from its competitors 
    and appeal to costumers. The company wishes to stay away from the typical city 
    clichés in its identity. 

    My concept revolves around the design of 'sale' signs and other shop promotions. 
    Typically when a shop promotes a sale, the design often uses vibrant colours and bold 
    typography to catch the attention of the customer. Salecity's new identity has both of 
    these features, the typography helps to bring the aesthetic of a sale, while the colour 
    catches the eye.

    Almost every city is built on a river for many purposes, and Salecity is no different. 
    The logo represents a curve of a river, as the curve is dissected it turns into a city flag.


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