AK G-12

  • AK G-12

  • AK G-12 is a concept design for Astell and Kern as a new multi functional device including earbuds and its charging case, plus Hi-Fi audio system at the same time. Based on the advanced sound technologies (MQS: Mastering Quality Sound) of Astell and Kern it was tried to take the characteristic design of Astell and Kern with simple geometrical shapes and high quality material combination for the target group of Astell and Kern. Thanks to its small size 89mm(H) x 30mm(W) x 25,8mm(D) AK G-12 makes people feel free carrying especially for dynamic activities.
    Without having to interact with the small earbuds or needing a extra bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet user can control the earbuds to play, pause and control the volume through the case.
    Instead of relying on a smartphone, as a music controller with a volume dial, screen display, and a micro SD card support, AK G-12 can store and play the tunes directly out of the case. This makes it possible for users to utilize it while commuting or when out for a jog in order to keep the focus on the music experience.
    Wireless earbuds can also be paired with any smart devices like smart phone or tablet for calling phone or any other purposes.