The Body Shop for D&AD

  • I entered the D&AD competition with two others from my class in 2014. This project was about creating a new visual language for The Body Shop’s brand communication to reflect their pioneering spirits. We used the term. ”Define It Yourself (DIY)”, where others do not define your beauty, but you yourself have the say. By using the products, you can be beautiful and confident in your own way. 
  • Textures created using paint and a little of their 
    product as a background for the poster


    Body shop is an inspiring brand & it has to be relevant to the target audience 
    To Empower Woman
  • Paper to write down what is their perspective 
    of beauty in their own way

  • Client: D&AD
    Brand: The BodyShop

    Team Members:  Benny Yap Yee Cheong
                                  Kathrin Honesta
                                  Koh Yee Qee