The Northface Challenge

  • The Northface Challenge
  • The Northface is a brand equated with the extreme. This app and microsite are meant to create a strong basis through competition. Featuring a various number of challenging destinations, the goal is to beat out your friends and become the most extreme. You do this by earning more "alpha points" through braving these destinations, taking pictures, writing stories, etc.
  • This is the user's profile where they can check on their alpha points, checklist, photos, and gear. When the user clicks on one of the side bars it will expand.
  • Users can search for destiantions and explore what each has to offer. They can also add the destination to their checklist or check into the spot
  • This charts page shows who's the most extreme and where you stand.
  • These next images are part of the microsite layout. A responsive approach to the app.
  • Director: James Nevada
    Copywriter: Grant Spanier
    Special thanks to Mike Daukus, Nick Guss, Cameron Laux
  • Body: Become the king of the hill through a new global competition that tests your courage. It's time to show the world what you got. Learn more at