Tet at VinHomes SkyLake

  • Tradition and Modernization
    Illustration for New Year Red Envelope 2017

    Client: VinHomes SkyLake, Hanoi
    Published in January 2017
  • At the very busy time of the year end 2016, I had a chance to work with the professional clients from VinHomes Skylake, a brand new luxury building project in Hanoi, Vietnam. What made the project so special is the whole area where the sky met the great lake lied besides the 3 groups of the buildings, which made the name of the project: SkyLake.
  • (C) VinHomes Skylakes
  • The customers of VinHomes SkyLake were mostly people with high incomes and of course knowledgeable and busy people. They were surrounded by many luxury furniture and stuff and lacked of time to sit down to think about themselves and their family. Therefore, at the end of the year, instead of giving their customers a lot of luxury and shiny red envelopes, my clients wanted to give them the experience of living through the special and one of a kind Tet of Vietnam, raised the emotions of the traditional Tet right in the middle of the modernized background of the building project.

  • There were 3 different themes of the envelope that showed the groups of building from near to far. The challenge for me were to make sure I used the color of the project (blue and pink-purple) but also the color of traditional Tet.
  • Viewing the buidings from afar
  • A closer look at the conditioning pool 
  • The view the customers enjoying the fireworks while looking down at the vast wide lake of the city
  • Thank you!