Blah blah day

  • This book reports interviews with local residents of Sibiu, Romania.
    It's a research of talking with strangers face to face. How will they react? Which benefit will we get from these connections? Besides, we explored power of languages. All texts in the book are direct speeches. No extra descriptions. It's only about live communication experiment. Events in "BLAH BLAH DAY" was happening during one day: 11.08.2016.

    Red is used for strangers. 
    Black is used for us, tourists from Russia.
    Size: 148×210, pages: 164.

  • We used 3 languages: Romanian, English and Russian.
  • Every conversation starts with speakers' faces and their languages skills. 
  • Inside there is red spread with dialogue.
  • Between red bright pages there are white pages with pauses. Here we're alone and discuss all around us and just the last dialogue.
  • Full book:
  • Hope you enjoy! Thank you ;-)