Plato - Explanation video

  • When we started working on this project, we thought about making a 3D isometric video with low poly objects, that shows the interactive gaming process and simple chatting possibilities within it. But then after discussing this with our client, we decided to show a little story inside the video and came up with understanding that a 2D video is going to fit much better for this.

  • To make video more alive and detailed, we decided to add grungy effects like noise and turbulent displace. But that didn't helped a lot, so we also accomplished the video with a lot of textures. And that really worked! 
  • As the whole animation was already completed, adding textures was very tricky. Our illustrator - Dan, drew textures above still frames and then saved every texture for each object in different .png file with alpha channel. And for saving time on making animation, Dan even did “a texture guide”.
  • Motion design: Aslan Almukhabetov behance

    Illustration: Dan Gartman behance

    Sound design: Miramute behance 

    Explain Ninja Studio