Exeo - Modular Gaming Controllers

  • EXEO

    In the quest to find the gaming device of tomorrow, I interviewed multiple gamers online and offline, conducted online surveys through reddit and created concepts to address to different user types. These early concepts led to the birth of EXEO, a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the hardcore gamer or the wanderlust. In a world of VR, EXEO finds it's place in providing as real an experience as possible, outside the software.

  • Early concepts focused on different ways of interacting with games. Separate concepts were detailed and scenarios were imagined to fit all different genres of games. The biggest challenge was to find a controller or a device that can enable the best experience for all types of games

  • EXEO in it's early phase was made of two modules - an angled joint and a straight handle. Both these modules could be combined to form realistic archetypes, based on the game requirements. 

  • EXEO gaming controllers have 3 modules - Brutus (The big brother), Velox (The agile one) and Terra (The ground hugger)

  • The gaming experience comes to life when gamers are required to use their imagination to create a new controller all together. This encourages creative problem solving, not just in-game but in the real physical world as well. These result in various custom configurations, the options are unlimited but these are just a few examples to inspire the creators.
  • Velox and Brutus together can form a weapon for FPS games.

  • For more Medieval settings, multiple Velox modules can be combined with a Brutus module to form a bow and arrow weapon.

  • And for all the racing fans..

  • And finally, creating the ultimate joystick with Terra and Velox

  • With a lot of advancements in customizable tech modules, I imagine the next layer of customization to be the buttons themselves. The users can choose what fits their style and how well the controls fir the game. This hopefully gives the 3d printing industry a business opportunity in the field of gaming.

  • Finally, It's upto the gamers to create what they believe is the ultimate real experience.

  • As much as I love VR, we need to create real tangible experiences as well. I hope you enjoyed the work.
    Thanks for watching.