WWF Polar Calendar. Time is ice...

  • Time is ice... not money. 
    Nature's equation is simple. The longer it takes before we do something about global warming, the more chaos we end up passing on the next generations. Already, changes in climate have enormous consequences for the polar bear and other animals. In the Arctic, temperatures is rising twice as fast as in the rest of the world.

    The challenge.
    How do we create awareness of the problem in an elegant way, without choking people with guilt? How can we make the problem stay fresh in peoples minds on a daily basis, and also, in a way which fill them with enthusiasm instead of guilt?

    The solution.
    A tear-off calendar which symbolically illustrates the ice melting piece by piece, for everyday that passes. So when buying this calendar you support polar bears -and the fight against global warming. More importantly, you get a calendar you proudly want to hang on your wall and show to others which can inspire them to join the course as well. 

    Client: WWF
    Creative Field(s): Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
    Year: 2017