McDonald's Burgerlover Campaign

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    McDonald’s in Sweden teamed up with video dating app HIMYNAMEIS in a bid to match people based on their shared love for burgers. When users signed up to the free HIMYNAMEIS app, they were asked to record a five- second video instead of uploading pictures. Then, they had to add hashtags to their profiles, signalling their interests, such as #gardening, #photography and #comedy. These are used to help singles find others with similar hobbies.

    The partnership between McDonald’s and HIMINAMEIS asked people to add a #burgerlover hashtag and match with others who can’t resist a tasty burger bite. 

    When people match through the #burgerlover hashtag, they’re encouraged to meet up in a McDonald’s restaurant, where the pair is entitled to two of the chain’snew gourmet burger meals for the price of one. 

    Virtual matches, real dates
    One of the main problems in the world of dating apps is that few matches tend to lead to actual dates. By partnering with McDonald’s, the startup HIMYNAMEIS gives people another reason to meet in person and enjoy a delicious meal together.

    From McDonald’s point of view, this partnership puts the brand at the centre of the campaign. From the hashtag to the meeting point and the food, McDonald’s is a key part of the story.

    The mechanics of HIMYNAMEIS – searching and connecting through hashtags – is a smart way to break the ice by giving daters a shared interest to talk about. In this case, McDonald’s signature food: burgers. The offer, which includes the brand’s new gourmet menus, can also help elevate the perception of the restaurant chain and its food.