• LayerGo - Only Love For the Design Life
    Concept & App Design 

    What designers could be possibly looking for, at a design event? DesignAthens 3 was all about layers, layers, layers...
    By downloading the LayerGo app, players could enter the game. Εach one of the 5 hidden beacons at the venue represented a layer ready to be unlocked. So, all they had to do was wander around to find and merge all 5 layers to gain a chance of winning an iPad, at the end of the event. 
    In their pursuit, layer hunters were guided by a dynamic design that changed colors and copies depending on their distance from the beacons. Red was hot, blue was cold. So, when a player approached a beacon, the gradient background went from blue to red and along with the witty copies showed them the right way. When the displayed number reached 100, the layer was unlocked. 
    The layer unlocking progress seemed like the stages of an actual design creation, expressed with escalating copies from the file creation to the merge of all layers, that completed the design process and offered players a chance to win LayerGo’s prize.

    Creative Direction / Art Direction & Design  -  Ioana J. Alfa
    Copywriter  -  Zoe Boukouvala
    Development  -  Nikos Kostopoulos & Marianna Panteli

    REMEMBER: Follow the RED. Red is good. Red is your friend. Red is hot and closer to the layers. Not blue. RED.