Stüssy Summer 16

  • 2016 
    Stüssy Summer ’16
    Inspired by Cali’s southern coast.

    The Westfalia will set up shop along the way featuring a special selection of Wet Dreams Tour t-shirts in muted pigment dyed cottons. The series includes four new designs including a special World Tour shirt featuring the west coast tour stops. A complimentary Summer Made in California collection including a lightweight Corduroy Bing Jacket, Beach Shorts and Ball Cap, a chambray Shirt Jacket, and a Hoffman Fabrics over dyed Aloha SS Shirts will release in time with the shirts at all Chapter stores. 

    The curated overall design for the Stüssy summer 16 lookbook was to implement the usage of both modern and past blueprints. The outline for the branding piece was to create a very urban feel by adjusting the positioning of the type to a straight fit by using a grid pattern. Using the font type of Orkney Bold/Light/Medium for the overall modernism. I than contradicted the modern with an old to give off the Southern Californian vibe. I used the font type Times New Roman in some aspects of the design to give the old/past effect. The colour scheme was a major impact in the overall design as-well. I used light colours such as peach, light pink, sky blue to represent the coastlines and the flourishing nature of California. I than used dark tropical greens to contrast from the light to create a more eye-catching effect off of the white canvas. 

    For the branding aspect of the re-brand I wanted to design something very simple yet at the same time something you wouldn't forget, something that had "Stussy" written all over it. I wanted to stick with the light colours contrasting on the white canvas to keep unity throughout the design. I than added the textures for some thin detail so it would not look too bland. For the branding portion I decided to only re-brand sized shopping bags and a package perfect for summer shopping in California. 

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