Bękart card game 2016

  • It is the second edition of our typographic card game - Bękart. The project is a collaboration between Bękarty studio, Element Talks and 13 amazing Polish illustrators. Authors of the Bękart game explain basic typographic terms through beautiful graphics. 
    It's great fun, no matter how old you are. 
  • Bękart is our version of Donkey, a simple card game which can be played by two to four players. The rules are simple:
    1. The dealer deals all of the cards to the players.
    2. Each player discards all pairs he has in his hand. 
    3. The player who has the biggest number of cards in his hand allows the player on his left to draw one of his cards. If the card fits one of the cards the player has he can discard the pair and allow another player to draw a card. Then another player draws 
    a card, etc.
    4. Bękart card doesn't have a pair. The player who keeps it till the end of the game loses.
    5. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards. 
  • * and # by Karol Banach
  • Capitals and small capitals by Michał Bednarski
  • Bold and light by Paulina Derecka
  • Diacritics by Agata Dudek
  • Majuscule and minuscule by Gosia Herba
  • Dash and em by Maciej Klim
  • Body font and display font by Bartosz Mamak
  • Font and typeface by Wojciech Pawliński
  • Superscript and subscript by Anna Rudak
  • Linear and contrasted letters by Filip Tofil (Syfon Studio)
  • Type families by Joanna Witek
  • Orphan (Bękart) by Jan Kallwejt