Witness Fest.

  • Witness – it’s old film festival. The main festival’s target is to acquaint people with cinematography masterpieces of 20th century. We decide to get fresh look to traditional vision of events like this.There is no place for shit films.  So, show must go on. Poshipim blyat’! 
    Why exactly Witness? On our festival guests will become witnesses. Witnesses of traditions alteration in history of 20th century cinematography. That’s why in festival program films will be showed in chronological row. 
    Letter “W” has dynamic shape, which pass on energy of moving. We make it more dynamic by using stair-step form. Logotype can be used with different patterns and form colors at the time. 
  • Brochures, business cards and badges performed in form colors are main components of form style. 
  • For each film we made unique poster design, which disclose film in the new way. There are 2 different spaces with own styles and appropriate posters in same styles. 
  • Part I
  • Part II
  • Everyone can buy form book with description of films which have influenced on cinematography. 
  • Thank's for watching!
  • If you like to buy this concept, contact us for further information.

    Worldwide cooperation.