Solo Exhibition @ SOFIA DESIGN WEEK

  • At the age of 17 Ivaylo Nedkov started graffiti-writing under the artistic alias Mr Ao. Over the years, thanks to street art, he learnt to work with different materials, techniques and scale and that influence is still easily seen today in his work as graphic designer and illustrator. Now, at the age of 26, Ivaylo has a solid experience in an advertising agency and direct  involvement in several particularly interesting initiatives - Bulgarian T-shirt brand Kaboom Collective and The Trash Lovers  Project, which creates unusual art out of stuff discarded on the street. Ivaylo is also one of the founders  of Bulgarian design studio FourPlus.

        The exhibition of Ivaylo Nedkov within Sofia Design Week 2012 is actually his first prize from the poster competition at the festival last year. It includes graphic design projects, illustrations, posters and typography.