A Exobiological Book

  • In summer semester 2012 i've  began to create an exobiology book at university. The vertical concept allows me to show in which vertical range my animals life. The evolution in this fictional world is based on an anti-gravitation-element.

    It's a work in progress project and i will fill it more and more with life in future.

    For the semester exhibition i've created a dummy of the book to show my work in this way. There are two books in one and you have to browse it vertically.

    On the left side you can find the depth gauge. It's the profile map of this world from the atmosphere to the ocean floor. The right side is the real exobiology book.

  • The single pages of the right book...

  • And here is the vertical profile of this world and the left side of the book as only one picture.

  • The isolated paintings and some stuff from the process...
  • Thanks for watching!