Various illustrations 2 – 2016

  • Illustration for the text about history of British Pound in sixth issue of Elementi magazine, published by 
    the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia.
    AD: Milena Savić

  • Illustration for article about smart homes in Rondo Digital magazine.
    AD: Magdalena Rawicka

  • Portrait for an interview with Markus Tüchler in Rondo Open Haus magazine.
    AD: Magdalena Rawicka

  • Spread for Savills on five different stages in the development of a city.
    AD: Richard Spellman

  • Spot illustrations for Majedie Journal 2016.
    AD: Chris Logan
  • Illustration for Technologist magazine done as a part of infographic “Utopia for Smart Energy”.
    AD: Thibaud Tissot

  • Cover for the November issue of Rondo Digital magazine, with cover story on ratings.
    AD: Magdalena Rawicka

  • Spot illustrations for Technologist magazine No. 11 .
    AD: Laurent Güdel, Thibaud Tissot

  • Illustration for Slovenian magazine Kontekst for article on content marketing agencies.
    AD: Zoran Pungercar
  • Illustration for Umami, a chain of restaurants based in Zagreb, Croatia. Illustration was made as a part of a poster series which takes on curiosity and exploration of different tastes and flavours.