Audi Ceiling Fan _ Airy Fan

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    A Beauty Beyond the Car

    Why are car companies interested in furniture design?

    This is because the furniture reflects the owner's lifestyle and attitude toward life. If you love Audi, you deserve to own 
    outstanding design furniture. Introducing stylish furniture that will illuminate the lifestyle of Audi.

  • Audi Ceiling Fan _ Airy Fan
    Audi Design Challenge 2016 _ Finalist Top 4

    Theme  : Audi design to pursue lifestyle
    Section : Furniture​​​​​​​

    How we can bring Audi's identity to furniture. I simply came from Audi's car and focused on the wheels of the car. It is. 
    The shape or movement that the wheel produces as it rotates. Based on the fact that it is very similar to the form and 
    movement. We have designed Airy Fan with Audi car wheel motif.
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    Three-dimensional feel and ride in the form of Audi wheels and logos City, the design of the dynamic feeling can feel the 
    movement of the wheel Audi. I tried to catch it as a concept. This is why Audi's advanced technology and In addition, 
    every time a user uses the product and constantly reminds Audi. I wanted to design it.

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    There is a dedicated APP that can control all the functions on the smartphone, so the brightness of the mood lighting, 
    wind intensity, wind. The direction can be adjusted step by step and the voice command function makes it more convenient  
    for the user to use. I designed it.

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    We saved the beauty of beautiful curves and created elegance.

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    Intrinsic value
    To embody Audi's classic, classy sensibility and advanced value at the same time. An Airy Fan symbolizes the value of a 
    pleasant environment with advanced technology from Audi. It is a ceiling fan. Audi lifestyle-oriented users have a hard day's 
    work So that you can feel the philosophy of the brand even when you come home and relax. 

    It is a combination of analog sensitivity and state-of-the-art technology. I wanted to be a symbolic entity of the house by 
    conveying the value of Audi without it.

  • / Sp ecification                                   
    Airy Fan Dimention - 1600 * 117                                   
    Airy Fan wing Dimention - 640                                   
    Motor Dimention - 150 * 100                                   
    Motor Speed - 80 RPM     

  • 2016.11

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  • Audi Design Challenge 2016 Ceremony  /  Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul