Zeta Station

  • In Brazil , public transport still has a lot to Improve, and usually the users are not satisfied with the quality of the service. In Santa Maria, a city situated on South Brazil, a research has identified two main problems on the service: the lack of ticket selling points - only two points which have waiting lines in most of the working days - and also the absence of information on bus stops.

  • Thus, to improve the transport situation on the city, the goal of this project was to develop a ticket vending machine to be located at bus stops spread  along the city, containing general informations. The final result is Zeta Station a product-service system that aims to change the way how people purchase tickets in the city and also provide informations about bus schedules and routes.

  • Zeta station consists on a multifunctional and modular product, in which either a vending machine, a bench or a billboard can be fixed on. When together, these three pieces can compound a bus stop. In addition, the vending machine has some unique features, such as an adequate space for wheelchair frontal aproximation, an audio system, night illumination - ensuring security for the users - and also, the product was designed with an angle in the roof to receive a sollar pannel, to feed the machine and its illumination.