ELEFONT | the animal font

    the animal font

    The two styles of the animal font where basically designed for a zoo concept and can be used for different topics around children and animals.

    In the first font style the inidvidual form of letters is combined with eyes and special features to create typo-creatures. Most of them are free for own interpretations, but some are obvious visible. There is the elefant - T, which gave the font his name, the flittermouse - A, the monkey - B, the squirrel - C, the parrot - D, the deep sea fish - E, the meerkat - I, the spider - M, the swan - N, the tortoise - R, the snake - S and the penguin - Z.

    In contrast to that the second font style has no animal features and a clearer and blocky character. If you combine both its more readable and the typo-creatures highlight some letters. You can see some patterns, posters, postcards for children and animations. 

    Thank you for watching!