Living as an Asian Girl

  • A series of three visual manifestations mapping the personal experience of living as an Asian Australian woman wedged between two ideals. Born out of discontent, the project is an effort to reveal the confusion and frustration that many Asian women living in Western societies experience, our difficulty in reconciling with conflicting identities and its subsequent effect on our psychological wellbeing. 
  • The posters are situated within a familial, social and digital space populated by autonomous reflections and social relations. The data presented emerge from a context of understanding informed by popular culture, social media and internet memes.
  • CASULA POWERHOUSE: What's the Meme-ing of this? 
    Exhibition from Dec 16' – Feb 17'

    The exhibition presents an array of works created by young people expressing how youth consume and interact with media, questioning what media is for young people, as well as how they are represented within it. They draw from a counter-culture created by millennials, and a territory often foreign to professionals to show how Memes can use humour, play and divergent thinking as vehicles to push agendas that resonate with young audiences.