Panopticon | Article and infographics design

  • Keep your eye on Panopticon

    This student project consisted on designing content and layout, which would both work as an answer for the notion of privacy.

    I focused on the privacy in the web and referred to the concept of Panopticon as the comparison for nowadays companies' tracking practices.

    The task comprised:

    / research, finding texts and data to illustrate the problem
    / article's typography
    / infographics
    / designing coherent layout for print (newspaper) and screen (smartphone)
    / styleguide

    My goal was to design a synthetic, informative, but expressive layout.

    Some sketches:
  • Final spread:
  • The project can be divided into two parts:
    1. The article's text (left page / main scrolling screen)
    2. Infographics (right page / additional static screens)