Janos Fajo's ouvre book

  • I had the pleasure to design the ouvre book for my master, János Fajó.
    He is one of the most important concrete, geometric and constructive artists on the World.
    The book covers all the works, what he did in his life so far from 1950.

  • I created a clean layout system, in the same concrete spirit, what Fajo has in his works.
    Putting the design elements to the second place, the book concentrate on his works, avoids the equivocation and unnecessary things. His artworks show up in a flexible way.
    I designed a pure, easy to read custom typeface, exclusively for this book, based on Westeinde.

  • The book was produced in 2000 pieces and 200 numbered copies.

    Full title: Fajó János Az út

    Editor: Ágnes Hajós
    Project manager: Ágnes Hajós, Mátyás Váradi
    English translation: Csaba Kozák
    Publisher: Pauker Nyomda Kft
    Graphic design: Adam Katyi
    Photo editing: Imre Koszó, Tamás Boros, Mátyás Váradi
    DTP: Pauker Holding Kft.
    Chapter Index: Tamás Boros
    ISBN: 978-615-5456-20-6

    Typeface: Fajo Sans
    452 pages
    Paper: Claro Bulk 160gr 
    26x29.7x4 cm 
    2.48 kg