Illustration 2016 (part 2)

  • Fall in the city is dark and grey. The other thing is mountains. Like Carpathians. I decided - why not to draw a forester guy? That solitary ascetic who has changed  boring human values to the beauty of mother-nature. I started from sketch, as usual.
  • I think that the well done sketch with the good composition is a half of success. For me the hardest thing to do was the damn color scheme. At first I decided to do the monochromatic one so I wouldn’t get lost in the tones. I spent most of the time looking for the warm autumn atmosphere. This is what I got as the result.
  • In the beginning of this fall my friend (the Fireart CEO by the way) and I overcame 160 km by bike. It was a great achievement for us. So I started drawing this poster. My goal was to do it simple, fast but beautiful.
  • We started our trip in the early morning and got back when it was already getting dark. I tried to show it in my work. 
    I’m frequently asked about brushes I use. This dude deals the right stuff
  • Psst, some awesome guys do cool explainer videos They also write a very useful blog. 
    Sometimes it requires nice pictures.
  • Game Of Thrones fans was drawing millions of fanart after the new season came out. I decided to make a little fun of this. I dunno why on earth I let this shit get me because I actually has never seen the TV-show itself :smile: 
    But I think the result is rather nice.