ILUR - International League of Underwater Robot

  • 國際水中機器人聯盟  International League of Underwater R
  • International Underwater Robot Competition in 2016 WRC  中國 北京
  • ​​​​​​​联盟创始主席为北京大学谢广明教授,联盟成员由国内外知名学者组成。联盟办事处设在北京大学工学院。联盟成立的宗旨是通过组织水中机器人比赛和技术研讨会,促进和推动机器人与自动化技术的发展与创新;让更多的群众尤其是青少年朋友了解机器人,喜爱机器人,普及科学知识,为机器人事业培养更多的优秀人才;吸引全球的机器人爱好者参与比赛,增进国际交流,提升中国在机器人领域的国际地位。
  • The League’s Founder and Chairman is Professor Guangming Xie from Peking University, while its members comprise of both domestic and international well-known scholars.The League’s representative office is located in Engineering College of Peking University.The purpose of establishing the League is to promote & boost the development & innovation of robot and automation technologies through organizing of underwater robot Competitions and technical seminars; to let more people, especially teenagers, understand robots, love robots, cultivating more outstanding talents in the robotic industry through popularizing scientific knowledge; to attract robot lovers from all over the world to the Competition, thereby enhance international communication and raise China’s position in global robot industry.