• Infograhic shows the industrial way of breeding of chickens

  • 1. Laying eggs
    3-4 days after laying eggs, they are transferred to incubator.

    2. Incubation
    Incubator keeps proper temperature and humidity.
    Every hour eggs are rotated by 45 degrees to imitate natural habits of rotating eggs in the nest by hen.
  • 3. Elimination of unfertilized eggs
    Optical sensor catches too transparent (unfertilized) eggs.
    Gripper with suction cups eliminates them from the band. They will go to the feed factory.
  • 4. Vaccination
    Shells are punctured and a vaccine against Marek's disease is injected.
  • 5. Moving to breeding baskets
    Gripper with suction cups raises the eggs and moves them into breeding baskets. 
    One basket houses 168 eggs that will turn into around 150 chicks.
  • 6. Hatching
    At 19th day chick makes hole in a shell. Within next 6-8 hours it gets rid of the rest of the shell. 
    It hatch out covered with short feather called fluff. After next 4 hours it becomes dry.
  • 7. Moving to separator
    Workers are moving chicks to separator which will separate them from halves of shells. Remaining shells will go to the feed factory.
  • 8. Chick sexing
    Chicks are segregated in terms of sex. Two rows of feathers are compared. If the lengths are equal chick is a male. If the lengths are different chick is a female. 
  • 9. Packaging
    Optical sensor counts the chicks. One crate fits 102 birds.
  • 10. 2nd vaccination
    If raiser wants, chicks are bespattered with vaccine against measles.
  • 11. Shipment to the raiser