• The S Day

    "The S Day" is our family project of homemade sweets. It all started when Kate got carried away cooking desserts and was making them almost every day. The sweets at our home began to appear very often, and we ate it in such quantities that at some point realized we had reached the limit in this madness. The most healthy and enjoyable one for us was the decision to eat desserts twice a week. Say, on Saturday and Wednesday. In Russian the names of both days start with letter “s”, so Dima immediately called them “The S Days! Sweet Days”. That’s how we called our home festivities from now on. Later Kate plunged into the intricacies of working with chocolate, started making heart-shaped candy, and even came up with beautiful packaging to give them as chocolate gifts to friends.

    "The S Day" was born very naturally and fit smoothly into our lives and even the lives of some of our friends. We decided to build a small brand of homemade sweets with beautiful kitchenware, unique packaging and pretty accessories, that will make the preparation process and the eating of the desserts even more enjoyable.

    Photography Marta Yuga

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