Flock iPhone Application

  • Flock
    iPhone Application for Urban Chicken Farmers
  • Flock is a tailorable social networking app for the urban chicken farmer of today. It allows you to stay up to date on legislation, events, popular opinion, your rights, and references.

    The app was created after first creating a user experience guide about the urban chicken farming subculture based on personal in the field research. 
  • This is a video of a persona taking one specific user path through the application in which she edits her profile to reflect her current level of expertise with urban chicken farming. She then browses the recommended events for a user of her level and then switches over to the show all category. In this view she discovers an event with a low level of attendance of more experienced urban chicken farmers like herself. Deciding to give back to the community she RSVP's.  
  • Features:

    • Stay informed of local legislation meetings in your area to quickly mobilize with the Alerts feature.
    • Create and register to attend events organized by skills and experience in which you can chose to be theteacher or the student.
    • Give and receive feedback on popular opinion in your area using the Polls.
    • Have access to a legal reference guide to always have your rights as an urban chicken farmer at your finger tips.
    • Contribute to and benefit from the user created Learning Center, a database of urban chicken farmer necessities.
    • Customize your user profile to reflects your areas of expertise, experience, and dedication.
  • FLOCK Loading Screen.

    The loading screen is customizable so that you can make your chicken the star. You would just simply upload an image from your iPhone's existing photo's or take a new one as shown in the video.

    The application icon is generated according to the image that has been predefined by the user (theoretically)
  • Home Screen

    The home screen contains the following sections:
    Alerts, Events, Polls, Your Rights, Learning Center, Profile, and internal messaging system. The Alerts, Events, and Polls sections have a notification system. 
  • The Profile Screen

    The profile section contains the user name, location, and website of the user. It also contains the representation of that particular users status in the urban chicken farming field. An outlaw like the Mad Clucker here is an urban chicken farmer who operates in an area in which urban chickens have been baned. The level of experience of the user is called out along side the amount of events they have attended. This app leverages the experience of the user to tailor itself to create a better user experience. Specialties are selectable and will automatically bring up events that match that subject when selected. 
  • Events Screen

    The events section consists of event details including title, date, location, experience level, and amount of members attending. You also have the ability to select the '3-4 year' range or the 'show all' range. You can also add a new event by selecting the + in the top right hand corner.
  • Event Details Screen

    Additional event details is displayed after having selected the 'Details' button in the previous screen. Here the user has the ability to RSVP after seeing a summery of the event and abreak up of members attending the event and discovering a gap in the amount of people attending at their level of experience. Seeing this need they RSVP. 
  • RSVP Popup

    After selecting RSVP on the previous screen this popup appears in which the user confirms their attendance. The background is faded out to make it visually easier for the viewer to focus on the details of the event one last time before registering. 
  • Early wire framing progress. 
  • In the field research while writing the UX Urban Chicken Farmer guide. 
  • Thank you for viewing my Flock iPhone Application! 

    If you would like to learn more about my Flock app feel free to visit my portfolio site here!