Realistic female Hair (CGI)

  • Hairs.
    I wanted to do this for a while now. As i was playing with hair for my daily render project i came across the idea to create realistic female hair.
    As inspiritaion i took my girlfriends curly hair.
  • Booth pictures above were rendered using the physical render engine in cinema 4D took about a day.
  • How its made:
    I've used one of cinemas sculpting presets as the character, then applied the hair. What really took the most time was creating a realistic hair material. I had to play around a lot but ive learnet so much about hair and also hair dtnamics.
    Im not perfectly happy with the endresult but im happy i did it.
  • The Picture above was rendered using the standard render you can see there is a lot of detail lost using this so i had to go for the more time consuming physical one..
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