-ING 2016 Campaign

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    Design Direction & Design: Jiani Lu
    Photography Art Direction: Ryan Romanes
    Photography: Jiani Lu
    Photo Assistants: Ramy Alawassy, Mario Wernli, Chris Wong
    Lettering (Tote Bags): Nev
    Video Footage: James Fullerton
    Video Editing: Ryan Romanes

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    Print Sponsor: Jukebox
    Signage Production Sponsor: Print Works

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    -ING Creatives is an organization based in Dubai that coordinates design events. In April 2016, following the success of their first creative conference, they launched their largest event to date featuring 30+ international exhibiting artists and a roaster of exceptional speakers including Timothy Goodman, Neville Page, and David Delgado giving talks and conducting workshops.

    Over the course of nine months, we worked on developing a series of print and digital assets for the campaign. This began with photographing a series of images that acted as the foundation for the festival’s visual language. These photos were captured in settings that resonate with the region and the local residence of Dubai. A colourful selection of sheen fabrics were used and involved hundreds of attempts in throwing the fabrics up in the air to capture a large spectrum of dynamic shapes and forms. The final images are a result of multiple takes layered in surreal compositions.

    The dynamic range of coloured fabrics enabled boundless colour combinations adaptable for various contexts and customizable uses. Each photograph retains a unique colour combination different from another, all while staying visually consistent as a series. These photos were then transferred into the festival's digital and print collaterals - spanning across small applications such as name tags, to large scale applications like outdoor signage.

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