Mobi bicycle rental

    Urban mobility is an overwhelming topic that contains an universe in itself, and one of the major issues we experience in cities today. Through design and innovation, it is possible to make people more aware of the mobility problems we face, and more eager to develop and use systems that foster the better use of space, time, and resources. This concept was developed as a custom designed bicycle rental system for our Universidade de São Paulo campus but its features make it suitable for many other situations.
  • Scale model
  • Process pictures
  • The bicycle was designed by a 4-student team, part of a 20-student team that designed the whole system, as follows:

    • Team 01: Bicycle - Fabricio Rodrigues, Henrique Corazza, Lucas Marques Otsuka and Lucas Neumann
    • Team 02: Rental station - Beatriz Duduch, Julia Contreiras, Thomaz Abramo and Alicia Flores
    • Team 03: Helmet - Vinicius Ladivez, Vivian Fugiwara, Mariana Menegon and Rízia Carneiro
    • Team 04: Bicycle path and urban planning - Caio Caly, Laura Pires, Fernanda Nunes, Nívea Pascoaloto
    • Team 05: Support Vehicle - Miguel Costa, Henrique Gomes, Fabio Salmoni