Student Indie Film Festival

  • Student Indie Film Festival(SIFF)
    SIFF is a fostering for a student directors. SIFF is competition between the place to showcase 
    experimental films made by students to communicate and festival. 

    Instead of being independently funded by the production studio, the SIFF produced a project to create 
    an identity reader who would like to share their own style or work globally.

    Divided as has the two main features graphics SIFF.

    Leverage the nature of the light of the free and a projected on the screen and persistence of vision, 
    creating typeface.

    Manufactured typeface is passed when graphics and create a word, combined with the will of the words
    of the siff identity is passed.

    The graphics on screen and light symbolising a polygon are organically while maintaining a certain 
    percentage (16:9) changes and various work and possibilities of the participants and this.
    It symbolizes the Flexibility and creativity.

    An infinite amount of creativity and representation of the students can express in accordance with
    the various applications of both within and outside media event to flexible identity in.