On the road 2016

  • ON THE ROAD reveals my sketchbook filled in August and September while traveling around Europe.
    I had the great chance to paint on various festivals, meeting old and new friends and collaborating with talented artists on walls. Please take some time to check their work as well.

  • great time on the wall with local masters DYOX and SOEZ
  • I have spent the best 3 days of non-stop painting walls with AngelTOREN and USEEP. Hermanos, muchas gracias por todo!
  • day one, quick wall
  • day two, .PNG wall with TOREN on the seaside of Murcia
  • collaboration wall with my love Lazy Eve
  • wall with Zurik in Sabadell
  • another wall collaboration with Lazy Eve and our dear friend Joan Tarrago

  • Mural Harbor - the most inspiring place I have visited on that trip, having the opportunity to see huge productions from top players in the game.
  • all photos from Linz thanks to SelimEins aka Little Ghettoboy
  • quick sketch I left in the Guestbook, before leaving the Harbor
  • wall with Neven and Radio (who dropped the SPIT piece for our friend back home)
  • left of us Pav dropped a piece for Radio (was his birthday actually so what better way to celebrate, than a chill wall with friends?
  • another one with Radio who dropped it for his crewmate OKSID
  • more works @