• L J U D
    A   S P E A K E R   D E S I G N

    LJUD is a speaker design which offers an intuitive experience with an integrated remote. Scandinavian-
    inspired minimalistic expression helps the speaker seamlessly be part of home environment, while the fine details add
    a sophisticated character to it.

    By questioning the need of two separate interfaces and remote controllers not being designed as part of main units,
    LJUD brings an elegant solution which gives the opportunity to the main volume to cradle the remote subtly.
    While the soft dent welcomes the remote, the same feature turns this unit into the main feature of the design.

    [/ʎuːd/, /juːd/] • Swedish
    (n.) sound, audio, tone

    Designed, 3D modeled, rendered, visualized, animated
    by Fulden Dehneli, 2016

    Winner, Red Dot Design Award, 2017



  • www.fuldende.com

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