The Line Issue

  • "What do walking, weaving, observing, storytelling, singing, drawing and writing have in common? The answer is that they all proceed along lines.”
    - Tim Infold

  • This is a project done in an academic context that aimed to create a fictional graphic narrative about an element from a physical space, in this case the classroom. The graphic narrative would have to be made by at least five graphic objects. The first element that occurred to me when I looked at the classroom was immediate: lines.


  • The Line Issue
    is divided in six graphic objects that explores the line and its meanings. The line is used as a basic graphic element to express various usages of this simple word — line.

     — Poster to complete where we can read: "The line is a dot that went for a walk."
    *  Card saying "Not so linear".
    ID — Identity of the basic lines.
    Guide — a psychogeographic map that shows the most frequent trails and identifies points of postive and negative emotions.
    Archive — an exploration of various meanings of 'line'.
    Daily — is a representation of daily routines in this classroom — peoples, emotions, space, trails.

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